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I wasn’t counting so I have no idea how many images Steve showed us on this night but it seemed a constant flow for well over 90 minutes.  

Steve believes that real Street Photography should best include people even though that makes it much more difficult. On the upside when the humans behave, they can absolutely make the picture.   He illustrated this with some smashing passer-by/wall graffiti interaction. He would often wait by an interesting piece of ‘art’ until someone walked by or through it.  

His grasp of the rules regarding picture taking outdoors was also spot on. So refreshing to get the actual correct law explained. It allows the photographer much more scope than some of us might have imagined. If you are standing on public or to be more accurate – non private – property then there is no restriction as to what you shoot nor when you shoot your picture. That includes the places with unofficial signs up banning it.  Also no one has the right to force or even ask you to erase images from your SD card not even the police. 

 A most encouraging and uplifting talk and great fun.  

Park Street Camera Club

On behalf of all of us at WPC, thank you for your most enjoyable and entertaining presentation last night. It was very good to see street photography images from cities all over the world as well as from the UK.

Wallingford Photo Club

Steve gave a Zoom presentation to MHPS on 'Street Photography' , on the 2nd of February. It was a very enjoyable session, very lively, with great interaction with his audience. He gave many tips on how to obtain those special images where they are natural, and not set up. He discussed issues such as privacy and the rights of individuals, which was very helpful.


Feedback from our members has been very positive, and we look forward to seeing Steve again.

Market Harborough Photographic Society.

Thank you very much for your street photography presentation last night and your follow up notes which I will forward to our members. It's a genre we haven't covered properly before in the Club and I found your structured coverage helpful and comprehensive.

I am quite sure that members will have plenty to take away and think about when contemplating how they might have a go at this genre - you left us with plenty of food for thought - which is great. 

Towcester Camera Club

Thank for your lockdown projects talk yesterday. You certainly have been busy with your camera during lockdown and your images were very impressive  - I admire the imagination you showed and I hope we will be able to see more of your images in the future.


Abington Camera Club

Many thanks for your thought provoking talk last night and for sharing your lockdown projects with our camera club, we were all impressed with your creative imagination. Thanks also for your fact sheet on your techniques that I have circulated to our members.


Newent Camera Club

Good morning Steve, this is to formally thank you, on behalf of the membership of Clacton Camera Club, for visiting us online yesterday evening and for presenting your talk “Street Photography”.


You presented such a wide range of images from a wide geographical area, not only from within the UK but abroad as well.  Images that included street art and entertainers, Goths and Steam Punks, station and general architecture and markets; with different techniques being used – the use of a fish-eye lens, a slow shutter speed, wet weather reflections and shadows.  The images presented at the end, that included a humorous element, made an excellent end to the evening.  The images, together with the information and stories you relayed throughout the evening, were enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Clacton Camera Club

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